2019 Tesla 3 Long Range review

You’ll never have a fear of getting onto the on-ramp of the highway. Charging the car costs less than filling up a gas tank. Since it is a new car, it is a great conversation starter.

Two things you will eventually get used to: It takes some time to get used to using the 15-inch screen for almost everything. If you aren’t accelerating, the car is breaking.

A lot of the features gets really finicky. The autopilot, summon, and LTE connection. You can’t cast your phone’s screen onto the monitor and there is an audio/video sync delay when you Bluetooth connect your phone to the car. Can’t play YouTube videos in the web browser. The last big one is even though Telsa uses Google Maps for your real-time traffic, I’m a Waze user.

It is hard to justify the price tag (mine is a little over $61,000) until you math out how the car is used long term. Telsas are supposed to save you money when you start factoring in maintenance and gas. I can’t wait until I’m wealthy enough to get a S.

9 Total Score
2019 Tesla 3 Long Range

This was my first car, never owned one before, I must say I am amazed every time I step in my vehicle by the speed and reaction I get from the motor.

  • The torque is real
  • It is hard to justify the price tag

  1. I will have no other vehicle! First road trip completed! Very nice to drive. My only regret is not getting one sooner!

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