2018 Toyota Camry L review

This is my first Toyota and I love it. I grew up as a GM guy and didn’t realize what I was missing with Toyota quality. I have the 2018 SE 4 cyl. The 4 cyl is a great engine, over 200hp from a N.A. 4 banger! The new 8 spd transmission is quite wonky however and this is the only thing that holds the car back. Plan on getting a Pedal Commander (look it up) to help fix this issue. Otherwise it’s fun to drive and comfortable.

Nice fit and finish inside and out. Rides smooth. Great color – Blue Streak. Handles OK. Pretty fun to drive – (This car would be even more fun to drive with a manual transmission!) I rated it 4 stars because the fuel economy is disappointing for a 4 cylinder engine with a 6 speed automatic transmission – 29 MPG – mostly highway miles. I commute 39 miles one way to work each day, with at least 30 of those miles on the interstate. Do not trust the MPG computer in the car – it’s a lie-o-meter, LOL. 🙂 I verify my fuel economy with my manual trip odometer miles driven, divided by the actual gallons of fuel I pump into the tank. Toyota needs to figure out what Honda has always known – how to get better than 30 MPG from their 4 cylinder engines. I am admittedly a bit of a lead foot – however – my 2007 Honda Accord 4-cylinder with a 5 speed manual transmission regularly gave me 33 MPG with my foot in it. I’ve gotten a little over 30 MPG one time driving gently on that tank. All in all I’m satisfied with the car. You can’t go wrong with Camry dependability.

The built in Entune system displays on a 6″ LCD screen that includes GPS, audio management, and will link to your smart phone to provide additional services. It is really designed around Apple based products with a cordless charger for iPhone, you can link you iPhone or other Apple products like iPod directly to the Entune and have touch control on screen. One caveat, older iPod classics (like I have) will work but after a period of time will freeze up because the Classics use a mini-hard drive that the Entune software will cause a freeze after a while. You can always play you older iPod through the 3-ring audio jack with no issues all. Lifetime weather/traffic, and Sirius/XM 90-day trial, (though I really do not need XM)

Bluetooth connectivity works with the iPhone of course, and Android. Your phone directory is loaded into the Entune system, and depending on the software update, will allow email and text messages to be “read” to the driver by the system. With my last Android update, this messaging feature was lost and Toyota hopefully will fix that on the next software update to Entune. Updates to Entune is achieved by downloading them on your smartphone and connecting via Bluetooth.

The GPS map for most people will provide good functionality for most with display of points of interest, navigation, and most of what is expected for an in-dash GPS. It is updated using an SD card but update cost is a bit high ($250) compared to a Garmin with lifetime 4 updates/year that is included in its purchase.. Having used Garmin GPS for years and because it has more customization features (plus I am used to its navigation features) I will use it in my Camry.

A great car that you could consider a “Lexus Lite” with many features that are found on Toyota’s luxury Lexus Line (the Lexus ES series is the counterpart to the Camry), and this vehicle was built in the USA with only 17% imported parts.

7 Total Score
2018 Toyota Camry SE 4 Cylinder

My 2018 Toyota Camry SE 4 Cylinder is a great car so far.

  • - Great Reliability
  • - Good Gas Mileage
  • - Smooth ride
  • - No AndroidAuto
  • - Wind Noise
  • - Front passenger door

  1. Great car great style, worry free 5 service free, great warranty what more could you ask for?

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