2017 Hyundai Elantra review

To be honest here, I am totally satisfied with this car. Much better than I expected. First of all, exterior looks sharp, neat but modern. Not only exterior but interior also modern design and driver convenient multimedia, specially Android auto and Apple Car play.
Android auto and Apple Car play are so convenient. The 7″ touch screen works just like a smartphone. It gives you very quick and accurate response. Internal MIC for bluetooth connection is working also great.
The interior is amazingly quite even though most of part of it made with hard plastic despite driving highway. Secondly, driving feels perfect!!

I drove Sentra, Civic, and Elantra, I do not know Corolla, but among those three Elantra is the most quite interior, pretty solid acceleration(even though not a turbo model), and the biggest interior size which was the most important thing to me. I cannot imagine how Elantra acceleration can be better with a turbo model.
I highly recommend 2017 Elantra for people who have a child but young. Front and back seats have plenty of room. As I said, much bigger room than its competitors(Civic,Sentra).

Lastly, gas milage has been great. I commute almost 1hr and an half per day on mostly highway. It gives me around 35~39mpg. When I drive Eco mode, 37~39 if normal mode it will give you at least 34mpg to 36mpg. If gas milage and roomy front and back seat are priorty, I highly recommend 2017 Elantra. You wont regret!

7 Total Score
2017 Hyundai Elantra

I would recommend this car for anyone looking for a car in this price range.

  • The car hugs the road solidly and gives great mileag
  • The seats are hard on my back, and I need to get out after about two hours to stretch

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