2017 Honda Civic sensing review

So far the car has been amazing! If you drive on the highway or freeway often I highly recommend the Honda sensing package. The car practically drives itself. I commute on the freeway so Honda sensing was a great package and I’m glad I got it. The wheel requires input or it sounds off and deactivates until there’s input again. If I could disable the pesky steering safety feature it would be absolutely perfect. The adaptive cruise control is great. You can set it and not worry about people slowing down, speeding up or even cutting in front of you (although that’s annoying). It’s very responsive and I feel safe with it on. With Honda sensing the car can do stop and go as well. The only down side is that it can be a little jerky at times. I also drove a good 5 hours to Vegas and Honda sensing made the trip a laid back experience with little worries. If you primarily drive in the city and don’t plan to make frequent long trips, Honda sensing may not be for you. That’s just my 10 cents though. I like to have full control in the crazy city traffic but that’s just me.

The turbo engine paired with the CVT is a silky smooth experience. It’s very responsive and you have power on demand with little lag or hesitation. No need to wait for downshifts when merging with traffic or passing. It’s just go-go-go whenever you need it. Personally, I will never go back to the standard automatic or manual. I was also considering a car with the dual clutch auto but those are terrible transmissions for any stop and go traffic situations. The CVT might throw you off from using the standard auto you’ve used your whole life but I got used to it pretty quick. The constant acceleration with no hiccups is amazing and also ups the efficiency.

Another thing I have to mention is the AC. This last week in certain parts of southern CA have been well over 100 degrees. I drove once in the car when it was 108 outside and the AC on this car is absolutely amazing! It blows hard and cold. It cools the car within a short amount of time. By far this is the best AC I’ve personally had or experienced in a car.

Cons about the car…. The Honda sensing wheel input alarm/deactivation. If it weren’t for this pesky feature it would be absolutely perfect. I have no idea what the Honda people were thinking with this feature. I know it has to do with safety but it is very annoying. There has to be a better alternative like capacitive touch on the wheel so it doesn’t deactivate. I’m thinking of finding a way to disable it. Hopefully someone out there with programming experience can find a way to disable it. I would pay for that.

One last thing this car is a looker! Whether people like it, love or hate it they are looking. LOL.

7 Total Score
2017 Honda Civic EX

One last thing this car is a looker! Whether people like it, love or hate it they are looking.

  • The turbo engine paired with the CVT
  • The Honda sensing wheel input alarm/deactivation.

  1. FYI, you can turn off both the Road Departure Mitigation and the Assistive Steering. For the Assistive Steering, push the button to the right of the cruise control on/off button on the steering wheel. To deactivate the RDM, there is a button on dash to the left of the steering wheel with a vehicle icon in the middle of the two lane markings. Pushing this will prevent warnings from appearing. Hope this helps!

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