2017 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT review

I got this after falling in love with my Ford F-150 Platinum 4×4 and the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist and just wonderful / quiet interior. I had been toying with the idea of replacing my 2011 Chrysler 300C AWD (which has adaptive cruise) with either a Dodge Challenger or another 300. But after driving my F-150 for a few months and having wanted to love Ford for so many years, but hating the interior, I finally loved what they were doing. So, I started stalking mustang S550s. Finally found the color (lightning blue) and options (20″ wheels, and all the nav and electronics upgrades, but no recaro seats) I wanted. I *had* to have adaptive cruise, and if that was on it, probably just go with the pretty well performing 6-spd auto (yeah, I miss manual trans like twice a year, the rest of the time, the sport mode makes awesome downshift rev matching notes). I put a Borla S-Type exhaust on it, and oh MAN does it sound great. No droning at freeway speeds, but nice and throaty when you start it up and put your foot in it. Best upgrade so far.

The car is averaging 21.3 mpg in mostly city driving, not bad for a v6 with 300 hp. Acceleration is grand, the engine is quite responsive, and the car emits a subtle rumbling sound which is to love. I bought the v6 because it is the last year for that engine and it is the only engine in the Mustang lineup that gladly accepts regular (vs. premium) unleaded. Having owned a Z-28 that required premium fuel, I appreciated the price difference when gas prices get crazy, as will inevitably happen.

Bottom line is this car is a true bargain and I think you’d be hard pressed to get this much car for this little money, truly hard pressed–and as of now, they’re giving them away. I don’t regret it and for someone such as myself who has owned about 30 cars over 40 years-vans, pick ups, Trans Ams, Chevettes, sedans, coupes, used, new, fast, slow, junk and pristine, this Mustang is near the top of the list, if not on the very top.

8 Total Score
2017 Ford Mustang

Not the Mustang of old nor of recent past but still with all the heritage and desirability. Extremely good looking, good gas mileage and very respectably performance for a bargain price.

  • Options of Heated and Cooled leather seats
  • Not that noticeable turbo lag
  • Pretty good daily
  • Ok acceleration (With auto)
  • disappointing interior build quality
  • Summer tires last pretty short
  • Convertibles are pretty expensive in general

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