2017 Ford Fusion Titanium review

I have the Energi PHEV. Its a fantastic car. The model I have is the SE with the luxury package instead of the Titanium. The safety features built into this vehicle are great and I leave them activated for each trip. I am commuting 35 miles each way daily and my MPG is around 60 miles per gallon or better. For shorter commutes, or commutes where you have access to recharging the value can be much greater. In looking at the app I see there are some people locally who have gone 2500+ miles without a fule refill. During my last refueling I put in 10.5 gallons and had traveled 620.5 miles.

Safety features: The Blis system (Blind Spot Information System) warns you if merging into the next lane is risky or not. The Adaptable Cruise Control system, adjusts speed and maintains distance to other cars. Its really amazing actually and makes you realize how badly driven cars are by people who do it manually! The cross traffic system alerts you when you are backing out of a spot that oncoming traffic is posing a threat.

The interior is great, as one would expect for a luxury vehicle. It has all the technology one would expect from an advanced electric hybrid car. My perspective is biased, however. I had my last car for 9 years and the march of technology in that time has been great. The audio system and screen get double use. The built in Sync 3 system has navigation, audio, climate control, and phone control, as expected, but will also detect android phones and launch Android Auto. This software connects your music software, phone, google hangouts, and google maps into the works. Soon, Waze will be supported (it is August, 2016). I am looking forward to that.

The Intelligent Access key fobs are pretty amazing. You can remote start the car, remote pre-condition the car, remote open or close all of the windows. You don’t even need to take it out of your pocket to unlock the car or start the engine. When your hand touches the door handle it knows if you have the fob on you and unlocks the door. Just being close is not enough.

What could be improved: The rear camera could be clearer and have better back up lighting. The dash is very adjustable with lots of data that can possibly be displayed. This is both a plus and a minus. It can get confusing. However if you are really into increasing your mileage, its a fantastic way to go. I’ve already improved my mileage quite a bit. Some of the automatic features such as the wipers and the road lights don’t indicate they are in automatic mode. A careful reading of the manual will help fix any confusion.

8 Total Score
2017 Ford Fusion Titanium

Overall I highly recommend this car. I've had it one month now and it hasn't disappointed me yet.

  • The interior is great
  • The Intelligent Access key fobs are pretty amazing
  • The rear camera could be clearer and have better back up lighting

  1. For my needs the Fusion easily wins hands down for a plugin hybrid. It is quick, quiet, comfortable, and safe. What more could you ask for.

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